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Advice, guidance and assistance with the provision of assurance.



Deploy software solutions and systems designed to lessen efforts and produce reliable POPIA compliance outcomes.



Make use of virtual classes and online courses to increase your knowledge of POPIA compliance best practices.

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Best Practice


Compliance framework

Assurance Framework

Develop, implement, monitor and maintain POPIA compliance in accordance with the Information Regulator's requirements.

Front-end teacher interface

Breach Management

Detect personal information breaches and respond promptly without creating additional legal problems.

Secure online collaboration

POPIA-Compliant Online Collaboration

Secure online collaboration on documents, chat or engage via video calls, without transborder data flow or third-party access to any personal information.

POPIA-compliant identity management

POPIA-Compliant Identity Verification

Make ID document, proof of address and bank statementsdue diligence available online, anytime, under your full control, in compliance with POPIA.

Personal Information Impact Assessments

Personal Information Impact Assessments

Identify and analyse the risks for data subjects when processing their personal information and determine the most appropriate safeguards.

Data subject requests

Handling Data Subject Requests

Enable data subjects to exercise their rights, easily withdraw consent, or object to the processing of their personal information.

Records Management

Records Management

Organise and retain records for the shortest time-period, and automate the deletion of records without a valid legal basis for retention.

CGICT Framework

Corporate Governance of ICT

Demonstrate competence in protecting the privacy rights of data subjects and monitoring compliance with the conditions.

Personal information breaches occur all the time, but certain breaches are more serious and necessitate a quick response and reporting...

Personnel having permanent or regular access to personal information are required to understand the provisions of POPIA, regulations made in...

POPIA requires that employers be transparent about the processing of their employees' personal information. Besides being a legal obligation, being...

A recent enforcement notice from the Information Regulator instructs the non-compliant responsible party to implement a governance framework for the...

POPIA requires responsible parties to promptly identify without undue delay possible personal information breaches which may cause harm to data...

Establish a framework for the corporate governance of ICT to address POPIA obligations. Question Marks and devious Semikoli It is a paradisematic...


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